Thursday, June 2, 2016

Tip Thursday - Visualization

Don't overlook the positive impact of your ability to visualize your success... upon your actual levels of success. 

In a study conducted at the University of Chicago on visualization, they had a group of participants all throw basketball free throws, measuring their accuracy. They then divided them into 3 groups. 

The first group didn't practice at all, the 2nd group practiced shooting free throws for 1 hour a day for 30 days, while the 3rd group simply spent 1 hour a day (for 30 days) visualizing shooting free throws. They then retested their free throwing accuracy. 

The 1st group showed no improvement in their ability, the 2nd group improved their ability by 24% and the 3rd group - those that only visualized shooting free throws increased their accuracy by 23%. This is the key reason why professional athletes spend just as much time visualizing their success as they do physically practicing for it. Bear it in mind the next time you are looking to strengthen your skill in any area. How you visualize it will very much influence the outcome you achieve.

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