Thursday, June 30, 2016

Tip Thursday - Time Management

One of the biggest complaints of workers today is that they spend far too much time in meetings. In order to recover time that you can better spend on other tasks and activities, consider reducing 1 meeting per week by 25%. 

If your typical meeting lasts 60 minutes, reduce it to 45, which will likely serve to eliminate the 'filler' discussions and not the actual business that needs to take place. 

Reducing 1 meeting per week will save you 13 hours at the end of the year. Although this might not sound like much, that represents 2 full days of time that you could put toward things that would benefit you more. Are you in meetings far more frequently? 

Reducing 1 meeting per day by 25% nets you an extra 5.5 hours per month, or roughly 10 extra days per year to do with as you will. 

Don't have enough time to do everything on your bucket list? Consider cutting one meeting a day short and put that time toward crossing more off your to-do list 

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