Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tip Thursday - Presentations

In business meetings we are often called upon unexpectedly, requiring us to 'think on our feet' and organize our thoughts quickly.  We want to sound articulate, knowledgeable and confident. The best way to handle Impromptu Presentations is to gather our thoughts using a Model of 3.  Here's a couple to give you a framework of what I mean...

  1. Past, Present, Future  (In the past we...  While right now we...  In the future we... )
  2. Cause, Impact, Solution  (What's causing X is...  The impact of X is...  The answer is... )
  3. Pros, Cons, Position  (What are the pros of the situation, what are the cons, what is your position?)
  4. Problem, Action, Results  (What was the problem, what were the actions taken, what were the results achieved?)

Each of these models offers you a unique way to organize your statements, helping you to sound on top of everything you're sharing!

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