Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tip Thursday - Influence of Expectation

Many of us may spend time 'hoping' for good things to happen, but it is the people that actually
'expect' good things that will experience them more. Why?  Because our expectations will often influence the outcome.  Generally, our expectations (what we truly believe will happen) will unconsciously influence our behaviour which will, in turn, influence the behaviours of others around us, thus creating the experience we 'expected'.  Research has shown that teachers who were 'told' which students were high IQ or low IQ inadvertently influenced the students to perform according to their expectations, even when what they were originally told about the students was untrue. The students began to behave and perform according to the beliefs and expectations of the teacher. Think about this in relation to your life and career. What are you Expecting and what are you Getting? Maybe not what you want, but likely what you expect.  Change your expectations and you'll change your outcomes!   (and...  to be kept in the loop with other great tips... LIKE our page!  I expect you will!)

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