Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tip Thursday - Networking

As much as we know that it is helpful to our career to build and extend our network of contacts, few of us are comfortable in initiating small talk with others. Introverts and shy people take note... use 'Hooks' to drive other people to you.  We are all quite curious by nature. Use people's curiosity to make them want to approach and initiate conversation with you. Curiosity Hooks are visual items that intrigue people and get them asking questions, making them want to approach you for answers.These could be a unique piece of jewelry, a special tie or shirt, a button with a saying, a hat... something visual that draws people's attention and gets them asking 'why'.  If your personal challenge is in approaching others at networking situations, then using a curiosity hook may work for you.  Just stand there and let 'em come to you!

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