Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tip Thursday - Revamping the To-Do List

I know that we typically create our daily To-Do lists, listing only those items that we want (and hope) to accomplish that day. However, we often have more than just those items that are still occupying our brain-space and that continue to occupy our attention.  Consider maintaining a daily journal into which you 'dump' each morning everything that is on your mind.  All those things that you are holding onto because you are afraid you will miss or overlook them.  Put onto your To-Do list those items that you formally want to address that day.  If you have extra time (does this ever happen?) then go back to your journal to pull something else out.  You can start each fresh day by reviewing the list from the previous to refresh your mind about outstanding items, then repeat the process.  Having a physical record of the items is proven to reduce worry and stress caused by thinking we'll forget, and heightening focus on the items you do need to move forward.

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