Monday, June 10, 2013

Do the Hustle

No opportunity you face likely comes without competition for it.  Others are out there waiting for and vying
for that same opportunity.  Often we sit back with a case of the 'not-enoughs' and fail to even put our hat into the ring, beaten before we start.  Let's face it.  When we compare ourselves to others we are going to fall short in numerous ways.  Others may have more talent than us.  They may be taller, thinner, smarter, richer, faster, or prettier but... and this is a BIG but... you can out hustle them.

Just as we may fall into the trap of believing that we aren't 'enough' in some area... tall-enough, thin-enough, smart-enough, rich-enough, fast-enough, pretty-enough... those people we are comparing ourselves against fall into a trap of their own.  They make the mistake of believing that they ARE enough, and so they stop.  They stop doing more.  The true advantage you have then is to recognise this point and... do more.  Out-hustle 'em.  Give than one percent more.

Make just that one phone call more.
Knock on one door more than anyone else.
Research that little bit extra.
Answer that unasked question.
Deliver what others are afraid to ask for.

When people fail to get what they want out of life, when they fail to achieve what they want, it is generally because they quit working for it.  They failed to do everything it takes.  They didn't hustle.

Opportunities are not lined up at the curb waiting for you to walk out your front door and pick one.  When they come along you need to be prepared to take decisive action.  This means that you don't get ready for an opportunity, you stay ready for one.  Do the work you need to now so that you are ready to take advantage of any opportunity that comes along.  It is said that 'fortune favors the bold'.  Typically the bold are simply those that are out there working long after everyone else has gone home.  They are hustling.

We may not have had all the benefits in life as someone else.  We may not have the brain power or muscle power or even the god-given talent they have, but we always have control of our effort.  We always are able to determine what we will put into the opportunity before us.  Don't quit one step before the finish line, go one step beyond it.  Leave no question about what you are willing to do, able to do, capable of doing.  One percent more than the other guy is all that is needed to have out-worked them.

Get out there and hustle.

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