Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tip Thursday - Marketing

Pitching an idea is infinitely more successful if we come up with something that is memorable.

Daniel Pink, in his book To Sell is Human, outlines six different pitches you can use to sell an idea.

The One-Word Pitch - distill your idea down to one key word that embodies what you are representing.
The Question Pitch - use this to help your audience identify a pain point (that your product addresses - of course!)
The Rhyming Pitch - rhymes are infinitely repeatable. Use sites like to help you come up with yours.
The Subject Line Pitch - Use the subject line of your emails to draw your audience in, to become 'clickable'.
The Twitter Pitch - Make your pitches 120 characters or less to allow others to 'pass it on' more easily.
The Pixar Pitch - Emma Coats, a former story artist at Pixar has 22 story rules. Use her tips and write your pitch by filling in the blanks of her rules.

Use any of the above to help your ideas and messages to stand out, be remembered and acted upon!

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