Monday, May 19, 2014

Leadership Tool Essential - Let's

To get anywhere in life, you need to challenge yourself.

  • to be 'better' at a sport by running faster, jumping higher
  • to speak in a way that is compelling and memorable
  • to write a play or music that makes someone feel
First we must learn to challenge ourselves, to push ourselves beyond our existing capabilities.  Even incremental changes shift and change us, creating growth.  

Why not challenge others to do the same?  

As Leaders you are called upon all of the time to introduce change to the organization, which is typically met with resistance.  Many try to drive change by outlining a vision, pointing a finger at it and saying... Now go for it.  Make it happen.   This will prove effective only for those that 'get' the vision, that found it compelling. You may feel that these are your self starters, but they are likely those for whom the vision clearly supports their Personal Why.

Others may go a step further by defining a change and handing over a complete step-by-step plan for achieving it, along with the admonition to 'Do it'.  For some this also works.  The goal alone was insufficient, they needed the path.

Each of these techniques is effective some of the time, with some of the people.  Outlining the Vision + Path may capture more people than the vision alone, but you have still not managed to include everyone.  You are still leaving some behind, standing at the entrance to the path.

To truly lead a change, to ensure that all are compelled and willing to follow, you need to add one final step. Start by giving them the vision and goal.  They need a target.  Make it as compelling as you can.  Then, outline the key steps to moving forward.  There are always multiple paths to follow, some of which are significantly better than others.  Ideally, you want your people to walk the same path.  Give it to them or create it together, just make sure it's clearly marked.

To draw in those that are hesitant to step onto the path you've created though, you need to stand beside them, point to the path and say... Let's.
Let's begin
Let's walk the path together
Let's make it happen, you and I

Let's.  So simple yet so inspiring.  Contained within that simple word is the strength and power of the team.  No longer are people left to navigate the path alone, they are now part of a group making things happen, together. 

Their individual insecurities, vulnerabilities and fears can be supported through the strengths and actions of others.   They can take turns being weak and being strong, in having questions and in having the answers, in leading and in following.

Let's - sets us on the path together.

You want to create change?
You want to inspire others to follow?

Then stop directing individuals with the directive 'You Change'.  Make a true difference by gathering people close and saying 'Let's Change'.  

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