Monday, November 26, 2012

The Certainty of... Uncertainty

When you don't know what to do... what do you do?
Do you dig in... or do you fold?
Do you seek out the answer... or do you determine there isn't one?
Do you step up... or step back?
Do you take a risk on something... or seek safety by doing nothing?
Do you create a new path... or do you settle for the ground most travelled?

It is in your moments of uncertainty that we get the opportunity to see who you really are.  Your choices define you, determine your brand and let us know - CLEARLY - who you 'really' are... not who you tell us you are.

What do your past choices, in those moments of uncertainty, say about you? 
What do you want them to say?
What do you need to do differently?
What step can you take NOW to make a start?

Not knowing what to do is a common occurrence.  It is your common response to it that defines you.  Create your desired definition and make choices that support it, to create a strong brand message for others to read.  This... is certain.

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