Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tip Thursday - Body Language

A study of TED Talks most popular and viral speakers reveals that they use an average of 465 hand gestures when they talk. Less popular speakers tend to use less than half as many.  The likability of the speakers was impacted by the amount and type of gestures used.

Do you use your hands when you speak?

Further research has found that gesturing helps speakers to think better and to therefore speak with greater clarity.  For listeners, gestures help to facilitate their understanding and retention of the information they are listening to. It was even found that the students of teachers who gestured while speaking fared significantly better than students of teachers with minimal gestures.

Review video recordings of yourself when speaking to determine how much you tend to gesture and whether you need to 'switch' things up a little.  (if you need someone to review your video with you let us know... that's what we do!)

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