Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Influence Guru... Kevin Hogan

I admit openly, here and now to a deep, dark secret... I cyber-stalk people.  Yep...  I avidly follow their newsletters, blogs and postings.  This is an exclusive club though, not just anyone is worthy of my time and attention!  Heading my list of stalk-worthy folks for years has been Influence and Persuasion guru Kevin Hogan.  Author of the best-selling book... The Psychology of Persuasion:  How to Persuade Others to Your Way of Thinking and 16 other books, Kevin is the definitive source for information on Influence, Persuasion, Body Language, Covert Hypnosis... 

I recently took advantage of a break in my schedule (okay... so I blocked off the time!), and stepped out of the anonymity of the internet and instead went to meet my hero live at a 4-day Influence BootCamp he was hosting.   I have to admit to some concern that my 'hero' would prove to be something other than (if not less than) I had hoped but...  he was amazing!!!  Down to earth, natural, giving and generous, Kevin shared more information than it was possible to record... and we have follow up webinars still ahead of us because he didn't feel that he fit everything he wated to share into the 4 days!!

Certainly any of you that participate in my training or coaching programs will have the benefit of this time I spent with Kevin and the rest of the BootCamp crew, but you needn't feel you have to wait for those!  Kevin has numerous programs, as well as his books, that you can access on his website, along with his free newsletter - Coffee with Kevin Hogan (which I avidly read!) 

I had him on my recommended list long before I had the opportunity to experience him 'live'...  now he heads the list.  Check him out yourself at...


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